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'To promote the interdisciplinary areas of study within
acoustics and the mechanics of solids and fluids'

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Honorary Fellows

Leo L. Beranek* [United States]
Jens Blauert [Germany]
Yuri I. Bobrovnitskii [Russia]
Per Bruel* [Denmark]
Malcolm J. Crocker [United States]
Samir Gerges [Brazil]
Colin Hansen [Australia]
Hanno Heller [Germany]
K. Heinrich Kuttruff [Germany]
Chong-Won Lee [South Korea]
Geoffrey M. Lilley* [United Kingdom]
Richard H. Lyon [United States]
M. L. Munjal [India]
David E. Newland [United Kingdom]
Roberto Pompoli [Italy]
Jing Tian [China]
Franz Ziegler* [Austria]


R. J. Astley [United Kingdom]
Luis Bento Coelho [Portugal]
Hans Boden [Sweden]
Bela Buna [Hungary]
Nikolai Dubrovsky* [Russia]
Stephen Elliott [United Kingdom]
Zbigniew Engel* [Poland]
David Ewins [United Kingdom]
Glenn Frommer [Hong Kong]
Barry Gibbs [United Kingdom]
Bernard Ginn [Denmark]
Lars Hakansson [Sweden]
Eric Herrera [United States]
Daniel J. Inman [United States]
Nickolay I. Ivanov [Russia]
Finn Jacobsen* [Denmark]
Jian Kang [United Kingdom]
Robin Langley [United Kingdom]
Leonid Lyamshev* [Russia]
Ignacy Malecki* [Poland]
Antonio M. Mendez* [Argentina]
Anders Nilsson [Italy]
Mitsuo Ohta [Japan]
Marek Pawelczyk [Poland]
Richard Peppin [United States]
Richard Peppin [United States]
Robert Randall [Australia]
Paul Sas [Belgium]
Terry D. Scharton [United States]
August Schick [Germany]
Andrew F. Seybert [United States]
Jan W. Verheij [Netherlands]
Jun Yang [China]

* - Deceased

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